Welcome to the website of PROGRESS.LV Ltd

PROGRESS.LV Ltd is a broad range finance and business consultancy firm offering high quality services both to domestic companies and foreign investors wishing to facilitate the development and growth of their company. Our range of services is used companies of any size.


PROGRESS.LV Ltd offers services in the following areas:

  • Support services for foreign investors,
  • Attraction of various funding forms for enterprises,
  • Accounting services and tax consultations,
  • Finance consultations,
  • Business consultations.

On September 2010 PROGRESS.LV Ltd began its work on opening a representative office in Italy, the principal task of which is to raise the awareness of the PROGRESS.LV brand and promotion of, conduct marketing activities in order to attract Italian businesses interested in acquiring new markets for their products as well as relocating manufacturing facilities to Eastern European states.

Our offices and action areas