Financial consulting

Debt restructuring is one of the most important and equally the most complex activities in a company, the objective of which is to restore a normal liquidity within such company along with the achievement of balance in terms of the economic and financial activities. Progress.LV has taken part in various large and complex debt restructuring projects.

The team of Progress.LV has more than 10 years of experience in developing business and industrial plans. We prepare business/ industrial plans for a wide range of business areas, but in particular Progress.LV is specialized in development of business/ industrial plans for manufacturing sector.

Business or company evaluation service allows estimating the economic value of a business or company. Estimating company or business economic value is a fundamental for transactions such as company purchase, merger or attraction of risk capital financing.

Progress.LV also offers a range of annual report related services. We shall determine the profitability, stability, liquidity, efficiency and solvency indicators of the company. Additionally we offer conducting a bank rating of a company on the basis of Standard&Poor method.

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